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Ragged Victorians, the great unwashed.

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  • Ragged Victorians, the great unwashed.

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ID:	769000 ​​ ​​​​​ I can heartily endorse going to see this superb living history group known as the Ragged Victorians. Some superb characters and lots to learn- they love talking about their characters and will often talk in character. Brilliant to photograph of course. This set was from an event at the SS Great Britain on Saturday, complete with snow machines. Pen F and 12-200 used and my very first time using the face priority function. Actually, my first time using the 12-200 in anger.


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      Sorry Ian- will be more disciplined next time!

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      Does that mean you can only have four attachments now or is it a size issue? IIRC there was no similar limit before.

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    Great set of photos.
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      Marvellous characterizations, Dave. But at first on reading your title, I was ready to take offence!
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        Actually its Tim! The phrase `great unwashed` is used by the group themselves since they specialise in portraying the Victorian so-called lower classes.

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      IMVHO....images of this type only work in B&W, to me they loose all credibility in colour.

      Similar to 'WW1 in Colour' on the TV recently, just did not work, absolutely no atmosphere....again IMVHO


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        Fair comment Dave and I did convert several to b+w and they look great. For me though one of the highlights was seeing the great efforts at makeup which comes across a little better in colour.

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      I know someone in Swansea Camera Club that has loads of RV prints (showed some at my club last week) and they are all sepia toned to give even more of a period feel. And he uses an EM1.2.

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