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Prism and clips fell out E510

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  • Prism and clips fell out E510

    Hi all.
    Cleaning the mirror on my E510 this morning and the prism (frosted glass thingy) and two clips fell into my hand, can anyone advise how to fit these items back, I took a picture of these items but I can't seem to upload them from my iPad. Thanks in advance for any help. Paul.

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    Re: Prism and clips fell out E510

    Oh dear, Paul, I'm sorry to hear that. I wouldn't have a clue where to start, it might need a trip to a camera repairer such as Luton Cameras.

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      Re: Prism and clips fell out E510

      Hi All.
      I found a video on YouTube and all is welll, Thanks to all for their interest, Paul.
      It was actually the photo screen and brackets.


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        Re: Prism and clips fell out E510

        Focus screen and clips... glad you're all sorted. Seem to remember upgrading the screen in my E-500 and was quite the norm with various 35mm SLR cameras.



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          Re: Prism and clips fell out E510

          It happened to me once (I cant remember if it was the 500 or 510)

          Scary isn't it...

          Nice to hear you solved it like I was able to

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