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75-300 catching the moment

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  • 75-300 catching the moment

    The Zapcat racing series came to our local beach in Boscombe, Dorset this week-end so I had the chance to give the 75-300 + EM-5 a work-out (the last time I shot this was with a canon 50D and 400mm f5.6L from memory).

    Once again, despite shooting into the bright sky (and very rarely a bit of sun) and all the spray flying about it behaved impeccably and got me one of those rare moment of split section action

    Shot in SAF mode, with Aperture priority to control the variable lighting (from +0.3 - +2ev exposure compensation) and ISO 400 to keep the speed up it took ony a fraction of a second between spotting what was going to happen and it happening, real shooting from the hip stuff!

    It managed just as well when they were flying flat out toward me (when I crop right down on these facing shots I can see the eyes of the co-pilot rivetted on the water in front of them, some looking terrified! )

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    Re: 75-300 catching the moment

    Great action shots

    Live life in the slow lane.


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      Re: 75-300 catching the moment

      Very impressive action shots Brian. I am amazed at how sharp they are at ISO 400, considering that you weren't panning, judging by the static boat in the foreground. Were you on the shore or in a boat?



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        Re: 75-300 catching the moment

        thanks guys, I was stood on the beach on the left hand side of an "M" shaped course, so the boats rounded the off-shore end mark then hammered straight toward me at full speed. The action with the boat running into a marker buoy is a centre gate designed to compress the action there, with great effect

        As to the sharpness, this lens can be amazingly sharp when shot at f8 and, in this case, the focus was entirely down to the AF system, mostly single point or reduced single point depending on how close they were (nearest was probably on 40ft or so from the shore when they run parallel to the beach, furthest, I would guess 200 - 300 yds? its a very tight and twisty course, great for spectators and photographers )

        a couple of 100% crops showing the eye focus

        if you want to see more of these, have a look here


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          Re: 75-300 catching the moment

          Great shots Brian....who says the OM-D cannot capture fast moving sport. As alway's it's down to the skill of the photographer.