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Re: The dive

Originally Posted by OM USer View Post
Excellently put together Tord.
Thank you.

To be honest, Lightroom put that together for me. There is a function in Lightroom where a Panorama will be created from a set of pictures. I used it recently for skylines and came up with a new idea after taking that dive sequence. For this work I first had to rotate all frames 90 anti-clockwise in Lightroom, which is easy.

Next for this to be supported there needs to be graphical elements in adjacent frames that the software will recognize and then align, rotate, crop and blend for best match and smooth, creating invisible transitions between adjacent crops. In this case there are the buildings in the background with clearly discernable features like windows and in the lower part is the reed bed with a myriad of details. The frames preceding the first one were not accepted as they depicted the Tern against blue sky with no other information. Had there been clouds these frames might have been accepted as input and the sequence would have started with the Tern making a sharp turn before diving.

I tried manually to achieve something similar however that turned out more difficult that I was expecting and time consuming; calculating the translation and rotation needed for each photo and then finding out how to adjust exposure and tonal curve to eliminate the sharp transitions.


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