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Re: Communal flowers, trees, plants and fungi thread

First stereos with Laowa 15mm 1:1 macro lens. A Tree Paeony 'Pink' (not that I can see!).

Yesterday morning was perfect for this exercise. There was bright overcast light, with enough diffusion to be shadowless for this subject.

A session on the previous day gave me problems with the camera and/or my head casting shadows over the flower. While it might have been OK for a singles frame, the sideways movement for the other view was not.

Yes, the background is far from picturesque but the likes of this hand-sized flower were not to be readily found elsewhere. In any case, it shows the scope of the lens. I believe that it is to be objects of this size which are likely to give the huge DOF characteristic of this lens.

I do not want to suggest that the lens is a go-to one for macro. For most subjects, a telephoto which separates the lens from the background is the best choice. But we must "think outside the box" at times.

Ideally, I would have used a tripod but I would not usually for stereo pairs, so they were hand-held (kneeling with firm grip on camera and elbows on knee).

I am showing the second session first. The stereograms are cross-eye so I also provide some single images for those who cannot make the former work. (They have had some micro contrast processing which the stereo versions have not).

Sony Alpha A7R (Full frame, Aperture priority), ISO 800, f22, 1/160, 1/200. etc..


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