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    Re: OMD EM1 Auto ISO

    Originally posted by RobEW View Post
    Mine functions okay, but I can't make up my mind whether I prefer auto ISO (with quite a narrow range: 200-640) or whether I prefer to alter it manually. I tend to avoid the little lever as I too often forget to return it into top position, so I use SCP to adjust it, which is a few more button presses. auto ISO sometimes seems to make the wrong compromises for my circumstances - e.g. if I have a static subject and steady support, I'd rather have a longer exposure than a higher ISO. But the camera can't know those things.
    You can change the point at which the (auto)ISO starts to kick in. I agree that on both the mk1 & mk2 the default change point is too early.

    For the mk2 go to Cog E1 -> ISO_Auto_Set. The default setting = 'Auto' but you can also select from a range of shutter speeds. I've set mine to 1/15sec, because this copes with a wide range of focal length lens (and is the point at which my hand-steadying competence becomes unreliable).

    There is a similar setting on the Mk1 - though it is even more obscurely defined. As I recall, you need to change the flash slow limit speed to something like 1/30sec to achieve a similar effect (don't ask why it is that control ;-) )
    A search on this forum should throw up some extra info about this.


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      Re: OMD EM1 Auto ISO

      Yes, I normally run my lower ss limit for autoISO during well-lit street photography around 1/250th to ensure things are properly sharp during everyday street activity. Consequently I do need to switch to a set ISO fairly early when the light is dimming and I'm going for a static shot.

      I've got used to the forefinger-on-Fn2-and-a-quick-spin-of-the-dial approach.

      It must be said, however, that t'internet gets ridiculously obsessed with low noise, and for street photography for the sort of use I give it (i.e. the most testing application is an A4 print with a modest crop for a club competition) I'm usually happy up to 3200 on the 1ii as long as it's exposed properly. Proper sharpness is enormously more important.

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