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How to become a professional photographer?

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  • How to become a professional photographer?

    Hello guys,

    I hope you are well. I have just created an infographic, how to become a professional photographer, which some of you maybe interested in. Any feedback on the design or suggestions, would be welcome.

    The file is too large to embed here, so you can view it here;


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    Re: How to become a professional photographer?

    Hi Rob and welcome to the forum. Some useful information, ideas and flow charts in your link. Thanks for sharing.

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      Re: How to become a professional photographer?

      I've only had a chance to have a quick look through, but that certainly looks very comprehensive, with very useful advice & ideas for anyone looking to a career in photography.
      Probably the only add-in comment that I would have is re self employment, as some people will be looking to photography as a career after redundancy or other employment change, is that the first few years can be tough while building up the customer base but always try to give it about three years before judging the success or failings of the business. Don't expect instant success but, in the same vein, be prepared to judge your business finances harshly and honestly if the venture is not successful.
      A useful Share for others
      Cheers Chris
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