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  • Hello 4/3 Community

    Hi 4/3 Community.

    I'm Adam and based in the West Midlands.

    I have switched to Olympus having previously owned a Panasonic G1 and a Pentax K5. Why change ? Well, I have always enjoyed the feel of the Olympus E-3 ( A friend has one ) and have heard so many good reports about the E5 and 12-60 / 50-200 lenses. I have ordered an E5 and 12-60 / 50-200.

    I have been saving incredibly hard to afford this purchase. They are now on their way

    I found the DA* 16-50 pentax lens to be somewhat soft at the edges and thought that the E5 had such a wonderful tactile feel , an extension of my arm you might say.

    I love wildlife and particularly Africa. We need to preserve this fragile wilderness of ours.

    Look forward very much to becoming part of this community.

    Take much care.


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    Re: Hello 4/3 Community

    Welcome to the forum.

    You're going to be very well equipped !


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      Re: Hello 4/3 Community

      welcome indeed

      Many of us are still saving up for what you have just purchased, but we get by on our "legacy models" with the excellent lenses

      I'm sure you will soon outgrow the 12-60 so start saving now

      OH ! ... and please post plenty of pictures we love to share

      My Kit (OK I'm a hoarder...)
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      m 4/3 EM1MkII + 60 macro, 12-100 Pro
      FL20, FL36 x2 , FL50, cactus slaves etc.
      The Boss (Mrs Shenstone) E620, EM10-II, 14-41Ez, 40-150R, 9 cap and whatever she can nick from me when she wants it

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        Re: Hello 4/3 Community

        Hi Adam, Welcome ! I too love I love wildlife and particularly Africa. We need to preserve this fragile wilderness of ours - I'm working on the Little'ees and our UK Wild life first !
        I Lurve Walking in our Glorious Countryside; Photography;
        Riding Ducati Motorbikes; Reading & Cooking ! ...

        the ONE photo album


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          Re: Hello 4/3 Community

          Welcome to the group Adam.
          You will find many of us here who are interested in all forms of wildlife as well as photography so you should feel at home.
          Oh and we love to see pictures of course.


          she looked at me and said "It's official. I hate your camera. It's just so amazing and perfect I want one!"

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          OM1n, OM 50mm f1.8.
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            Re: Hello 4/3 Community

            Hi Adam

            Looking forward to seeing some shots from the E-5


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              Re: Hello 4/3 Community

              Welcome to the forum Adam

              Interesting to see you have parted company with the K-5 and DA* 16-50 to come to Olympus. I did the same just over a year ago although then it was a K-7, DA* 16-50 and many other Pentax lenses.
              I can say without hesitation that you will find the 12-60 is simply in another league to the 16-50. Certainly where zooms are concerned Olympus tick the boxes
              Together with 50-200 you have a fantastic and relatively compact lens pairing.

              Not wishing to spend your money for you but can I suggest you consider the EC-14 (and possibly the EC-20) if and when funds allow. I find both (but especially the EC-14) work very well with the 50-200 and E-5.
              Regards Huw

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