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POTD Tuesday 9th December 2008

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  • POTD Tuesday 9th December 2008

    John Perriment, whose e-group nickname is Zuiko, has nominated this image, "Off the Wall", a selectively coloured B&W image, taken by one of our rising stars, Shirley:

    John says: "Now this picture is in an entirely different class, it's absolutely brilliant! The subject is the result of inspired observation, there is a good range of tones and contrast and the composition is dynamic. The selective colouring is masterfull and really enhances the theme of this image.

    I particularly like the subtle humour created by the positioning of the 'Susan Searles Enamels' sign, which is obviously just propped against the wall rather than being mounted on it, in relation to the 'Off the Wall' gallery sign. The message, reinforced by the long white arrow pointing out of the frame, seems to be, 'tough luck, Susan, you're off The Wall!'

    I absolutely love it. The best picture I've seen in a long time AND it ties in neatly with the 'Fine Art' debate that is currently resurrected in another thread.

    'Fine Art' is somewhat difficult to define but this image is most certainly in that category!"

    Thanks John, and congratulations Shirley!

    So who will be next? We need nominations from you - just email ([email protected]) me or send a forum Private Message to me (send to Ian) with a link to the gallery page where your chosen image is shown and include a sentence or two about why you like the picture so much.
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    Re: POTD Tuesday 9th December 2008

    Congratulations Shirley on your POTD.
    As John says this really is a very good image.

    Regards. Barr1e
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      Re: POTD Tuesday 9th December 2008

      I have great difficulty with this image. The composition is excellent, and the selective colour treatment most suitable. In short, I can't fault it!

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