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December 2019 Photo Challenge: Boxes

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  • December 2019 Photo Challenge: Boxes

    December 2019 Photo Challenge Subject: Boxes

    To enter, simply post your picture in this thread between now and 31st December. After which there will be a two week voting period during which all members (not just those who have entered the competition) will be encouraged to vote for their favourites by using the 'Like' button. 1st, 2nd & 3rd places will be allocated and these will ultimately count towards the title of E-System User Photographer of the Year. However, do bear in mind that each monthly round is a separate competition in its own right and you can enter as many or as few rounds as you wish.

    Add up to three LIKE votes when you decide you have seen the best photographs. Voting begins on January 1st.

    We'll try to keep the rules simple, but we must have a few:-

    1) Enter one picture only. You are able to change or delete your entry during the month. There is no time limit on the submitted photo. The Title is a description, and your interpretation is your decision.

    2) All entries must have been taken on an Olympus E-System body (Four Thirds or Micro Four Thirds), or non-Olympus body but using an Olympus Zuiko E-System lens or an Olympus digital compact such as the XZ-1 or the Tough Cameras.

    3) Three votes per member, please. You do not need to have entered the competition in order to vote.

    4) If you vote for more than three pictures, none of your votes will count. But, you will be asked to remove any extra Likes.

    5) You can change your mind at any time during the voting period simply by removing your original Likes before allocating it to your new choice.

    6) Please do not vote whilst the challenge is still open. You will not have seen all of the submissions, so cannot make a fair decision. Votes made before the end of the Challenge will be ignored or wiped by admin!

    Don't forget, the subject is open to your interpretation...

    Not a rule but you are asked to try and keep to a size of photo that is easy to view. The "preferred" size is as near to the full width/height of the screen as you can achieve. Larger than that and it becomes difficult to see the submission in the whole. This is for landscape orientation. For portrait orientation, I think its best to keep to the depth of the screen, again for easy viewing. As said this not a rule, just do the best you can. There will be a thread about photo sizes, and no doubt there will be good advice on hoe to achieve this....

    I think I have covered everything but please do let me know if I have missed anything.

    Now, let's see lots of entries and good luck to all those who participate!
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    Re: December 2019 Photo Challenge: Boxes

    Here we go then with the Cube Houses of Rotterdam

    Click image for larger version

Name:	cube 111.jpg
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Size:	270.5 KB
ID:	769322

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      Re: December 2019 Photo Challenge: Boxes

      Currently available To Let


      My Flickr


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        Re: December 2019 Photo Challenge: Boxes

        Take that
        * Henry
        * Location: Subang Jaya, Selangor
        * Malaysia

        All my garbage so far.


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          Re: December 2019 Photo Challenge: Boxes

          Kodak Brownie Box Camera - Model E

          Just like that - gone in a flash! Now in use.


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            Re: December 2019 Photo Challenge: Boxes


            Stuff from Cuba
            More stuff from Cuba
            It all started here


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              On the face of it, 'boxes' is a seemingly tough topic for a challenge. But if you think about it, as has already been shown, it's rather malleable

              If all else fails, I think you have a get-out-of jail card for general photography... on BOXING day!

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              Olympus UK E-System User Group (
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                The Challenge is always up to submitter's interpretation. Suspect many are waiting until those Christmas trees are stacked with presents/boxes...

              • Ian
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                Boxing clever, Mark!🥊

              • blu-by-u
                blu-by-u commented
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                It's how you interpret the word. And it's Christmas around the world. hence the title was suggested.

                Leaves was last month as it's Autumn in the northern and Spring in the Southern hemisphere. Previous month, Beer was because of the Octoberfest.

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              Buildings don't get much more boxy than this

              Norwich Castle
              by AMc UK, on Flickr


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                Red Boxes by Paul Kaye, on Flickr
                E-M1ii, Pen-F and too many lenses
                Portfolio Site


                • Walti
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                  Sunny Warwick if I’m not mistaken? Always dull when I’ve been there😢

                • pdk42
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                  Indeed yes, Warwick. I don't think it was sunny the day I took this either!

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                Click image for larger version

Name:	20191215-PC152250.jpg
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Size:	381.2 KB
ID:	769863


                I didn’t get where I am today....


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                  Lid of a 6" x 4.375" trinket box, decorated by my better half



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                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Boxes-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	598.7 KB ID:	770808


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                      Just a reminder / request not to vote before the end of the month. "Likes" are votes, and you cannot make a fair decision before you have seen all submissions.

                      Likes before the end of the month will be cleared or ignored.....And when the vote begins, ONLY 3 votes each....

                      A week to go on this Challenge, we need more submissions....It is quite a challenging Challenge I know....:-)


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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	PA010822Bpse-small.jpg
Views:	204
Size:	128.4 KB
ID:	771002
                          Tardis Police Boxes
                          Cameras: E-M5, E-PM2, OM40, OM4Ti
                          Lenses (M.Zuiko Digital): 7-14mm/F2.8, 12-40mm/F2.8, 40-150mm/F2.8+TC1.4x, 12-50mm/F3.5-6.3, 14-42mm/F3.5-5.6 EZ, M.ZD 40-150 F4-5.6 R, 75-300mm/F4.8-6.7 Mk1, 12mm/F2, 17mm/F1.8
                          Lenses (OM Zuiko): 50mm/F1.2, 24mm/F2, 35mm/F2.8 shift
                          Lenses (OM Fit): Vivitar Series II 28-105mm/F2.8-3.8, Sigma 21-35mm/F3.4-4.2, Sigma 35-70mm/F2.8-4, Sigma 75-200mm/F2.8-3.5, Vivitar Series II 100-500mm/F5.6-8.0, Centon 500mm/F8 Mirror
                          Learn something new every day


                          • Walti
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                            Nice collection!