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Steady Hand of the Year

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    Re: Steady Hand of the Year

    Song Thrush at dusk. E-M1 Mk1 + 300/4 @ 3200iso 1/30



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      Re: Steady Hand of the Year

      Very, very nice image of a bird I haven't seen or heard recently!

      Also, 300mm @ 1/30 - impressive!



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        Re: Steady Hand of the Year

        It really depends what you shot it with IMO

        How about this taken one handed with an E-M5 mk1 and 14-42EZ lens at 1/6 sec while holding the shutter release for my E-M1 with the othetr hand.

        the-aproaching-sea by Alf Branch, on Flickr
        OMD E-M1 OMD E-M5II MMF3 12-40 pro 12-50 EZ 14-42 EZ 9-18 f4.0 -5.6 40 -150f4-f5.6 R 60mm f2.8 macro Sigma 105 f2.8 macro Holga 60mm plastic Holga pinhole lens lens and a XZ-1 Olympus - 35 SP Trip 35 Pen EEs OM2sp

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          Re: Steady Hand of the Year

          Only just spotted you'd set this up Paul, nice one .


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            Re: Steady Hand of the Year

            Here are a couple from Crete, the harbour area of Agios Nikolaos by night. The combination of the E-M1 Mk2 and 12-100 f/4 is ludicrously capable of sharp, hand-held images at slow shutter speeds. Both of these were taken hand-held, standing up and not braced on anything. I try to emulate marksmen by exhaling before the shot, seems to work

            This one was 8 seconds, there is movement as you'd expect in the boat bobbing about but by zooming in to the buildings in the distance I can read the logo of the restaurant just above the bow:-

            The second one was taken at 5 seconds and looks very sharp even zoomed in:-

            Twice now I've packed a small tripod when travelling to Crete and have never got it out of the bag. I'll leave it at home next time




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              Re: Steady Hand of the Year

              Just to get something on the board, here's a treed leopard in the Okavango: 300mm f4.0 at 1/80s.

              I have got sharp images with the 300/1.4 at 1/80s in the past, but they're pretty uninteresting: I'm still working on my Botswana shots and I believe I've got some more at that sort of speed to come...

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