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August Photo Challenge: Drama

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    Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

    Thanks for the reminder, likes duly distributed



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        Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

        August Photo Challenge: Drama: Results

        1st place--------Wreckdiver---------Oceanic whitetip------------8 votes

        2nd place-------ChairoScuro--------DramaAugust72-------------7 votes

        3rd place=------timclarkih----------Not in my Name-------------6 votes

        3rd place=------OM User-----------Jousting-----------------------6 votes

        Also rans include PDK42 with 5 votes, Alfbranch, MJ224, and Phill D with 4 votes

        Once again a well supported challenge with 19 entries, and 20 individual voters...…….(52 votes in all)

        Votes were fairly evenly spread, perhaps showing an even standard of entries.

        Congrats to WreckDiver, need to check if he still has a full complement of limbs.

        And to ChairoScuro for 2nd place, timclarkih and OM User for 3rd place.

        Summary to follow in the next few days, but feel free to comment on all or any of the entries.


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              Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

              Fascinating that there are so many interpretations of a word - so many interpretations.. and still a winner !

              I remember my feeling when the divemaster indicated shark.... I certainly felt some drama... but had no where near as nice a view ... well done !

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                Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                As promised, here is the review of the August Photo Challenge: Drama

                Blu by uPdk42
                Drama as the Sun Goes Down
                Very dramatic clouds captures the eye. The rise of the Cloud column and the lights in the back of the clouds points to the lonely windmill. The hills are alive with the sound of music.

                Blu bu u
                Oh No
                Looks though the crowd had a near escape. Fancied they were standing a bit close with their expensive camera gear. Photo captured the moment well. The foreground might have been softened up a bit, perhaps reduced.

                Hehehe. Reminds me of me in Hokkaido. Move a bit further up to the tracks, it would improve the drama. As if a truck rolled over you!!

                Melyncourt Falls.
                Very dramatic water cascading down onto the two dark dramatic rocks. Looks like a scene that would fit in well with Princess Mononoke. Soft flowing white on harden rocks. I am really surprised that there are no movement on the leaves in the foreground.


                Police drama
                A well caught (!) scene at a protest march in London. A really good photo journalist shot, well worthy of publication. I see you were using a 25mm lens, so you got pretty close to the action. A brave street photo. Are you a reporter? Very well shot documenting the interaction between public and the law. And the choice of Black And White works well too.

                A composite photo from Thorod. Cracking tones of the sky/clouds, and a very peaceful scene in the foreground. With that sky cloud, the peace would have not lasted long.

                The pirate was not taking you photographing him lightly. Hope you survived. A nice action photo, and one wonders what the little lad did with that sword afterwards. Nice colours and composition. Captain Jack Sparrow is back! And he doesn't look happy that you photographed him!

                Keith-369Graham of Rainham
                A dramatically exposed photo. Taken with your XZ-1 at 1/10th second. Works very well with just that one light. Subdued colour/tone is so appropriate, Poor fella on the bed, needs a bit of TLC..:-) The Da Vinci Code revisited! It looks like the clues brought them to this crypt. I wonder what will happen next?

                Phill D
                After the storm
                What a dramatic sky, and foreground. I am looking where to step right now. Great composition and colours, with the track leading the eye to the centre of the frame. Hope you did not get too wet, and a good job the camera is weatherproof. Harvest Moon Part 2, if they ever decide to introduce tractors to the game.

                Ocean Whitetip

                A worthy Winner. So close to a beast of the sea. The exposure and colouring certainly lets you know you are underwater. Composition lets you know that the Whitetip was menacingly calm. A brave photo I would say. "Fish are friends!" said a shark from Finding Nemo before he smelled blood.

                A drunken brawl
                A close-up macro of the wasps tottering on a apple, drinking their fill. Colours and detail really nice. Focus has included most of the little insects. Sigma lens does the job well. An insight into their dramatic little lives. Reminds me of the Bee Movie where bees have little families and lives of their own within the hive colony. In this photo, two bees can be seen on a romantic date at the Apple Restaurant.

                Wheel to Wheel
                An action photo well caught, exposure just right. Colouring and lighting really sets off these cars. Fuzzy background and road give the sense of dramatic action. A legal version of Need for Speed on a proper racetrack.

                OM User
                Jousting at Warwick Castle
                Photo just catches the drama. One knight about to tumble, and his opponent losing his lance. The onlooking crowd are looking on with tension. I like the foreground rope barrier, holds the photo in as does the crowd on the far side. Well taken. It feels like they invented a time machine and brought these brave knights to the future.


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                  Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                  Well done guys. A nice review done in good time. Much quicker than I managed when I did it
                  No I didn't get wet on that occasion I was lucky enough to see the rain coming back in the distance as I was shooting at the mine.


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                    Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                    Congratulations to Wreckdiver. It's not everyday you see a shark.

                    Question, How dangerous is meeting a shark when diving?
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                      Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                      A high standard of entries, congratulations to the winners.

                      "A hundredth of a second here, a hundredth of a second there � even if you put them end to end, they still only add up to one, two, perhaps three seconds, snatched from eternity." ~ Robert Doisneau


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                        Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                        Thank you to all for viewing and voting for my shark. We had around 20 mins with the shark, she was very inquisitive with all the divers around her. Unfortunately, we ran out of gas long before she was ready to leave and she followed me back to the RIB. Congratulations to all the other entrants, some excellent images.

                        Best wishes

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                          Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                          Originally posted by blu-by-u View Post

                          Question, How dangerous is meeting a shark when diving?
                          Sharks are not the vicious killers that has so often been portrayed in the press blu-by-u. Many are inquisitive and like to "check out" divers, others are extremely timid and can be difficult to get close to. The Oceanic whitetip is one of the more curious of sharks and usually shows no hesitation when approaching divers, this one certainly was curious but she kept her distance. The great white and some other sharks can be dangerous at times but they won't go out to attack you, they are invariably just curious. You have to remember that the only way they have of knowing whether an animal is suitable prey or not is with their teeth but of the very few attacks worldwide most are not fatal and are usually mistaken identity.

                          Where it can get dangerous is when there are surfers in the water and great whites (and some other species) are around. To a GW they look like seals from depth and their method of sussing out prey is to power up from depth and take by surprise, by which time it can be too late for the surfer. The shark will often realise its mistake and not continue with the attack.

                          Of course you should always maintain a healthy respect for them and look for the warning signs (lowering of the pectoral fins, arching of the back, snaking and heightened activity and thrashing) and get out of the water when you see them. If a shark starts to get a little "too friendly" often a deliberate darting motion towards its face will be enough to scare it off. A punch on the snout as a last resort can often work. Always keeping your eyes on them so that they know you are watching them. They'll be more wary that way.

                          Statistically, there are less than 10 attacks worldwide annually, with most non fatal. On the other hand, we slaughter around 100 million per year and most shark populations have been decimated by over 90% worldwide in the past 50 years.

                          So, sharks are not the enemy and most divers will actively seek them out to swim with them. It really is an amazing experience and I thoroughly recommend being in the water with them, just be cautious and sensible and you'll be OK.

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                            Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                            Thanks Steve for the enlightenment...…..You sound very enthusiastic and well informed.

                            As with most wildlife, we are not on the menu. Attacks are often driven by error or mistakes on our part.

                            And a great photo...…………..


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                              Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                              Well done to all those who entered, congratulations to the winners, thanks for the summation aty the end.
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                                Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

                                Thanks for the feedback and I appreciate your time. I'm not a reporter but the only way to get the shot is to get in there. The 25mm was a bit limiting as people got in front quickly, the 12-40mm would have been better. I'm enjoying photographing demonstrations and marches.

                                some more at