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  • Colour or Mono

    I usually prefer Mono but i'm not sure with this one

    Cambridge by Martin Grindley, on Flickr

    Cambridge-3 by Martin Grindley, on Flickr

    both straight out of Camera,
    first Mono2 no grain
    second SOOC from Raw file

    Pen-F with 60mm Sigma F/2.8

    dressed in Orange most weekends!

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    Re: Colour or Mono

    The colors are very simple and restful to look at. In this case I feel the speed limit sign does need the red to make it stand out as otherwise I would feel it just looks like a blemish that needs to be cropped off.

    It might look better if the bicycle were moved a few meters forward so that the speed limit sign appears further down on the diagonal, but image composition is a mystery to me, which makes it an interesting topic!


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      Re: Colour or Mono

      I did think of square format and lose the sign

      dressed in Orange most weekends!


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        Re: Colour or Mono

        I would say square and mono but a bit lighter

        How about this processed from the colour version

        Not my shot 2019-17 by Alf Branch, on Flickr
        OMD E-M1 OMD E-M5II MMF3 12-40 pro 12-50 EZ 14-42 EZ 9-18 f4.0 -5.6 40 -150f4-f5.6 R 60mm f2.8 macro Sigma 105 f2.8 macro Holga 60mm plastic Holga pinhole lens lens and a XZ-1 Olympus - 35 SP Trip 35 Pen EEs OM2sp

        I nice view does not mean a good photograph. My FLickr