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Balloon over land

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  • Balloon over land

    I stopped and saw this balloon gently gliding over a ploughed field.
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    Re: Balloon over land

    Wish the hell I'd never posted this.


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      Re: Balloon over land

      Hey Malcolm

      I like how you've captured the lines in the field leading up to the balloon, it draws you right in to the shot. and the alcove between the two trees gives the feeling of their being something beyond too.
      I like the shot, the only thing is I feel the sky is a touch light. I don't know what processing you do with your shots, but maybe a little burning in photoshop or similar software would help to give it delth and bring out the cloud a bit more.

      Don't get despondant with slow reactions regarding comments. It does take a while sometimes. I myself haven't been taking photos for very long, only about 7 months so do not always feel that I can give a constructive or helpful advice to others as I don;t have much knowledge in the field myself and am still learning. However I can advise on how I would approach the shot and the techniques I would probably adopt. And also what my gut feeling on a shot is

      I think it's a good shot and look forward to seeing more that you post.



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        Re: Balloon over land

        Thank you for your comment Susan. You make some very good points. I see you are new to photography but you know what you like and that is a plus point. For myself, I have been in photography for 35 years and hold a licenciate distinction with the royal Photographic Society and hope to go on to develop photography further. I joined this user group because I like the four thirds system. Hopefully I will make some friends here and stop being a impatient twit.

        All the best to you.


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          Re: Balloon over land

          Like Susan, I think the lead-in lines are interesting, drawing the eye towards the gap in the trees and the balloon above. I also like the way the shot is divided into three layers, somewhat abstract in form. In that context the balloon is almost a distraction.

          Looking at the way the bold tyre tracks point towards the gap makes me wonder whether you tried the shot from a little to the left so that the tracks bisect the image. I know that breaks a rule of composition (more in the way of guidelines, really, not yet a criminal offense ) but I'd be interested to see how it looked if you did. If you hadn't but decide to go back to try it out, I wouldn't insist on another balloon