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Another couple offered for advice

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  • Another couple offered for advice

    These were both taken inside the house at "Palmers Farm" in Stratford on Avon which was, until recently, believed to be Mary Ardens house. Mary's house is actually next door and much less interesting photographically.

    The first shot, "Shoemaker", appealed to me for the arrangement of interesting objects and the muted colours. The second picture "Seamstress" was tricky as the subject was always busy moving (sewing)! Hence the blur

    I was trying to get to grips with shooting in low light conditions juggling aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Given the lack of light, no flash or tripod, what could I have done to achieve a better result? I know it's not a brilliant shot, but it's more a case of learning if a decent picture can be had in such conditions, and if so how.

    Oh, and should I have cropped tighter on the second one, although I do like the pewter plates!

    Thanks again for looking.


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