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A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

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  • A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

    It seems I haven't actually logged in here for about 18 months (I have been visiting, just not logging in ), so I thought it has probably been even longer since I posted any pictures. So here is a big load of all sorts of pics from lots of different places. Sorry, there are rather a lot, and a bit jumbled.

    1. Horseshore Bend, Arizona

    2. Holbrook, Arizona

    3. Monument Valley, Arizona

    4. Monument Valley, Arizona

    5. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

    6. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

    7. Sedona, Arizona

    8. By the road, Arizona

    9. Death valley, California

    10. Near Tucson, Arizona

    11. Grand Canyon, Arizona

    12. Death Valley, California

    13. Death Valley, California

    14. Monterey, California

    15. Scotland somewhere

    16. Lithuania

    17. Linn of Dee, Scotland

    18. Latvia

    19. Vilnius, Lithuania

    20. Talinn, Estonia

    21. Curonian Spit, Lithuania

    22. Sutherland, Scotland

    23. Sutherland, Scotland

    24. Buzzard

    25. Edinburgh

    26. Zion, Utah

    27. Bighorn Sheep, Nevada

    28. Forth Bridge

    29. Forth Bridge

    30. Cairngorm

    31. Grand Canyon

    32. Grand Canyon

    33. Glenfinnan

    34. Glencoe

    That's all. All with EM5 Mk1 and either 12-40mm or 100-300mm


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    Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

    That's a goodly number and I like quite a few of them.


    Just like that - gone in a flash! Now in use.


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      Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

      Some incredable places. Some I would really like to visit. Arizona especially.



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        Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

        That's quite a set. It's difficult to absorb that many pics in one go.

        I really like a lot of them.

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          Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

          Ditto what Dave said. I'll definitely go back and have another look. Nicely caught up with the forum


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            Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

            A really lovely set of images & the snow makes the first few extra special too.
            My kids paid for me to go to a seminar with Ken Duncan & he talked about his image of the Horseshoe Bend & he wanted something different to what others were taking, saying that everybody knows the river bends around at that location & took a lower angle shot (shots actually & stitched) instead, but I do love the snow on it that you captured. Ken charges a fair bit for his framed photos & of the Horseshoe Bend. Maybe you could sell some too.

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              Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

              You have been busy! Some excellent photography here and a real treat to see!

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                Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

                Busy indeed and well travelled as well. Many, many, great shots in that selection.
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                  Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

                  Wow, you get around a bit don't you! Fabulous set of photos, if I was to choose, it would be the boat wreck, and the beach scape following it....


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                    Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

                    Thanks everyone – I do try to get around when time and funds allow. The USA shots were all in one big trip last Christmas. Quite a variation in weather from one end of Arizona to the other – we left the Grand Canyon one morning in about -6c, and got to Tucson in the south of the state in about 26c.

                    With the Horseshoe bend shot, I would say that the 12mm isn't really wide enough. I would have liked to have got a little lower and closer to the edge, but it was pretty slippery and I'm no great fan of heights at the best of times. It was actually quite surprising how busy it was, even at that time of year. The car park there was being enlarged, and it was necessary to park about half a mile away and get a shuttle bus. I'd hate to see it in peak season. Same goes for Antelope Canyon which is only a few miles away. Strangely though, if you stay away from the most recognisable (instgrammable, maybe) places, it could be really quiet. We hiked down a canyon not far down river from Horseshoe Bend, called Cathedral Wash (it's a wee way by car, but not as the crow flies) and only saw about 4 other people there.

                    I'll try and post a bit more frequently and less voluminously in future



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                      Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

                      Crikey, that's a lot of very good photos.


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                        Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

                        Great (big) set. Love the 2nd Antelope Canyon shot.
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                          Re: A whole lot of imgae (really a LOT of images)

                          that's a log of wonderful places and images

                          The first brings back a memory of standing there back in film days when I'd taken a few pictures like your's and the bloke next to me is commenting to his wife "it's a pity you can't get it all in"

                          I spotted he was using the same pentax camera as me and offered him the 14mm (on 35mm film) lens I was using with my comment being "mind you don't get your feet in"

                          Anyway.. back to your pictures they are a wonderful set that remind me of a number of places we've visited and a few that are still on our wish list. thanks for sharing and don't make it so long next time

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