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First macro flash attempts

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  • First macro flash attempts

    I recently asked a question regarding the use of legacy OM flash equipment with E-series cameras. I received some helpful advice so decided to give it a go. I took the precaution of measuring trigger voltages for myself and saw nothing over about 8 volts.

    An initial test of putting a T20 on the E-1 and tinkering with apertures in manual mode did result in an acceptable image. I then tried a T10 ringflash and went looking for spiders. This shot, E-1 + T Power Control 1 + T10 + OM Zuiko 90mm f/2.0 + MF-1 + EC-14. Shutter speed 1/160th, aperture f/11 or f/16, ISO 100.

    The next two, E-3 + T Power Control 1 + T10 + OM Zuiko 90mm f/2.0 + MF-1 + EC-14. Shutter speed 1/200th, aperture f/11 or f/16, ISO 100.

    Processed using Olympus Master 2, levels and sharpening, third shot cropped from landscape to portrait.

    I have never used macro flash kit before (well I have a few years ago but haven't got the film developed yet ) so it is going to be an interesting learning experience. I don't quite get the sharpness I want but that could be a function of the small apertures and diffraction. Going to a larger aperture will then lose DoF

    I hope you enjoy them



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    Re: First macro flash attempts

    Well - you are shooting the spiders flat so you can probably get away with quite a shallow dof, bit of an angle and those legs dissolve into nothingness.

    Nice shots - thanks for sharing.

    Nick Temple-Fry

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      Re: First macro flash attempts

      All are nice and particularly the last one. Well done.