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  • Black Swan

    I skived off work for a few hours yesterday, and popped into Coate Water in Swindon.

    I saw, what I belive, was to be a black swan. As I have never seen one before, I am not 100% sure.

    More images at

    RAW converted to jpg in Oly Master. No PP or tweaking was done.

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    Re: Black Swan

    Nice images John, and you're right, it does look like a black swan (but i'm no expert either!)

    I prefer the second image, but i would be inclined to give it a little crop to move the head up and right onto an intersecting thirds line. Ths would also have the effect of giving the illusion of more space for the swans eyes to look into.



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      Re: Black Swan

      Yes definitely a Black Swan - they have been brought to the UK as collection birds and are now quite common in collections around the country

      They are just as hard to shoot as ours for the same contrastt reasons. I think in that sense your second shot is more sucessful

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        Re: Black Swan

        I will be popping back there in a few mins. I will try to improve my images

        Yesterday was a quick visit, and I was not prepared.....No tripod

        Thanks for the comments so far.