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Moving on in the Med..

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  • Moving on in the Med..

    We've now reached Santorini and instead of going to Fari were we've been before we took a boat trip to Oia on the end of the island, and what a fantastic place, as i'm sure you'll agree the pics show.

    We had to leave the ship by tender so the first picture shows us away from the ship by tender, and it was a bit choppy...

    Next we had the short trip to Oia high on the cliffs....

    Once ashore and a short bus ride up the hill we arrived at this spectacular town....

    A place full of small bars and cafes, shops and Boutique hotels which I may say looked just wonderful....

    the entrance to one of the hotels....

    Just one small church of many.....

    Hope i'm not boring you with these pics, I will post a few more from Santorini as it was so photogenic.


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    I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.[email protected]/

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    Re: Moving on in the Med..

    Great shots.

    Not boring at all, I'm enjoying your cruise.

    Just jealous.


    she looked at me and said "It's official. I hate your camera. It's just so amazing and perfect I want one!"

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    OM1n, OM 50mm f1.8.
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      Re: Moving on in the Med..

      It looks like just the place to be.
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        Re: Moving on in the Med..

        A photographer's paradise and your pictures are far from boring - come on, let's see some more!

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          Re: Moving on in the Med..

          Sights to gladden the eye, so no chance of ennui setting in. Wish I was there
          The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.


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            Re: Moving on in the Med..

            I am suffering from a big case of envy too. What fabulous destinations and your mode of travel isn't too shabby either!
            In the middle of a cold, wet winter spell, these are most enjoyable images.