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  • Spring?

    That's "spring" as in a source of water. Except that instead of bubbling out of the ground it was falling out of the sky. Round these parts it's been cold for a few weeks, but mostly dry. The drought has broken, and muggins here was on rugby duty yesterday afternoon.

    It was probably better to play in than to watch, although one poor skinny winger looked even more miserable than we were towards the end. I'm glad that washing the shirts isn't my job.

    All E-5, 50-200SWD with EC-14, wide open, ISO 1600

    Ciao ... John

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    Re: Spring?

    well remember days like this on the Rugby field, made that first pint so much more appreciated
    How did the Ref now who was who
    These should be on the clubhouse wall.
    The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.


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      Re: Spring?

      Now that is a real grunge effect, terrific

      "Who is watching the Watchers, watching the Watchers watching us"

      Its not what you see, it's the way that you see it"



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        Re: Spring?

        Thanks chaps.

        Only the first pint, Img1?

        It was a surprisingly good game, considering the conditions. My opinion is not at all influenced by us winning 26-13, of course.

        I've been snapping these lunatics for years and we have quite a nice gallery of photos in the clubhouse. Including one of a Mr. Richard Hill during his glory days with us, before he went and wasted his time winning a Grand Slam, Lions tour and World Cup

        Ciao ... John