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Nuthatch - in Silent Valley Forest...

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  • Nuthatch - in Silent Valley Forest...

    Was up at the crack of dawn this morning - literally, left at 05:15 and was there at 06:00 - to visit a hide someone had informed me about that is buried in the depths of an unused part of the Silent Valley National Park, just a few miles south of Ebbw Vale. Went there specifically to try to catch some Nuthatch in the woodlands - and indeed, came away very pleased.

    The light was very poor though; dark and extremely dull, but the hide was well hidden and looked out onto a small clearing that was at least a little bit brighter than within the woods, and so I managed to get some half decent shots of the Nuthatch's.

    All taken with the E-3 and today, not the 70-300mm, but in fact - the Sigma 50-500mm. Enjoy!

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    Re: Nuthatch - in Silent Valley Forest...


    It's the second one that stands out for me. Such a good silhouette and contrast between the colour of the bird and its background - it really stands out.

    Hmm, Bigma. Shopping list... ??

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      Re: Nuthatch - in Silent Valley Forest...

      I agree - although I like 3 as well -it really shows the eye stripe clearly it can't be confused with shadow

      Do yu ever sleep ?

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        Re: Nuthatch - in Silent Valley Forest...

        Nice shots John. I think it's the light in the eye that makes No2 special.

        Ian C.