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In view of my nephew arriving....

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  • In view of my nephew arriving....

    Well as the title states, we've got a new wee nephew arriving quite soon (can't wait ) and not long after finding out about his impending arrival I suggested doing a maternity photo shoot. Joanne and Colin were well up for it and really enthusiastic, which was great.
    So fast forward (very scary how fast the time has passed!) and I thought I had better arrange a date to do the pics with them before junior arrives (only 5 weeks to go).
    I borrowed Garrie's E-3 and 12-60 (totally love that lens btw) and got to try out the lights and brollies we got (bought in view of juniors arrival haha) and popped over on Saturday just gone.
    After setting up the lights in the nursery and arranging a pale curtain over the window, we were set to go.
    Still got a lot to process but these are the first couple. I was very lucky in that I get on great with Joanne and of course Colin lol so we had a giggle and no awkwardness doing the photos.

    Any advice or pointers much appreciated.


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    Re: In view of my nephew arriving....

    Susan what a great set of images, obviously a great deal of thought has gone into the idea and execution of these shots. My daughter is expecting her second child around the middle of june so i think i will make sure she see's these. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. ATB Martin
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      Re: In view of my nephew arriving....

      Thanks Martin
      I did quite a bit of research online for poses and to get ideas for comfortable positions for Joanne to be in. There was a really good website that gave great advice on how to d-i-y the shots and was very helpful with poses to stand in and angle that are most flattering.
      Thanks again


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        Re: In view of my nephew arriving....

        These are very imaginatively done - lots of thought went into these; great stuff!

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