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Autumn colours

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  • Autumn colours

    Here are some of my attempts to catch the last of the autumn colurs. I would very much appreciate any comments, as I do struggle with the composition - and doing anything arty post taking is completely beyond me However have got photoshop on xmas list - so who knows

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    Re: Autumn colours

    I always struggle with this type of shot.

    The first one has little to isolate the foreground from the background - perhaps a differetn viewpoint might help?

    The second is quite good, perhaps needing contrast boosting.

    The third would be excellent if you had just a tad more depth of field to stop the berries ranging from sharp to soft.

    The last one is a nice composition, just, again, needing a boost of contrast.

    All these points are my own inexpert opinions, of course!

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      Re: Autumn colours

      I think that you need to be a bit more careful on what part of the picture you are focusing on.Try and pick one object in the foreground ie in the last one the goldern colours on the RHS.

      Hope this helps.
      All the best

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        Re: Autumn colours

        Ah, Autumn, I remember you!


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          Re: Autumn colours

          Thanks Andy & Stephen - points all taken on board Will try better next time


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            Re: Autumn colours

            Hi Karen,

            No 1 is full of gorgeous colours in attractive soft yet bright light and I can see why you were attracted. If you can spot this sort of thing you are well on the way. However, to the viewer who does not have your advantage of being there and thus your memory for putting it into context, it's a confusing mass of colour with no focal point or defined pattern. The eye is restless and quickly loses interest.

            No 2 is better as it has a diagonal line of leaves, closer to the camera and in sharper focus than those in the background and this helps them stand out, creating a focal point.

            No 3 suffers from distracing reflections from the holly leaves and lack of focus. Ideally, either all the clumps of berries need to be in focus or just one, preferably placed on a "third."

            No 4 is the best of this set as the leaf covered path leads into the picture, giving it depth, and the colours are lovely. I'd have liked to have seen a bit more of the tree on the right to maybe give the picture a better framing and, as has already been said, it needs a bit more contrast but nevertheless it's a very pleasing image.

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