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'Sock Puppet'?

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    Re: 'Sock Puppet'?

    The header for each post has Join Date, and under the userid it has the word banned - or at least it does for me.
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      Re: 'Sock Puppet'?

      Originally posted by DerekW View Post
      What is interesting is that the two banned ids were registered on the same day last October. I was also suspicious about that. I thought of the as our friends from moscow here to check out the Salibury Cathedral spire - Mr Novo and Mr Chock
      The thing is, that it could be entirely legitimate; two people from the same household could have joined on the same day, and would also thus be showing the same IP address, and may be understandably supportive of each other. (assuming on a common wire/fibre broadband provision.)

      e.g. Jane and I have joined similar wildlife groups on the same day as we became aware of them, and would show the same IP address as we're hanging off the same router.

      I'd spotted the same date thing a couple of months ago, but thought it better not to openly question it, as things were getting fractious enough as it was.

      Rather than for us to speculate further, perhaps better to let Ian, as admin and site owner, to investigate and act accordingly; he will have access to more information than any of us as individuals.
      In my opinion has always acted fairly and with an even hand.
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        Re: 'Sock Puppet'?

        Originally posted by Zuiko View Post
        All this talk of sock puppets is very interesting but a little premature. There were certain questions raised which need answers, but which may be purely coincidental. Ian is currently investigating with the full cooperation of the members involved.
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          Re: 'Sock Puppet'?

          I'm closing this thread.

          I tried very hard to retain the respect and privacy of the members I had to investigate.

          This thread is simply about unsubstantiated suspicions that could be offensive to the members I had to investigate.

          Innocent until proven guilty.

          The investigation uncovered innocent circumstances and I have lifted the suspensions.

          if there are any more inferences posted that amount to unsubstantiated disrespect to these members, I will take immediate action.

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