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    I can not seem to get the fill in flash to work correctly on the E3. the flash fires but the resulting exposure is black, you can only just make out there is something been exposed. I have delved through the instruction book and all the relevant menu's but don't get anywhere. Incidentally, I have tried the same shot wit my 510 and it works fine. Where am I going wrong..

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    Re: Help wanted

    I certainly am no expert on the use of flash but are you sure the flash is enabled in the menu and fired?


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      Re: Help wanted

      Could be shutter speed too fast


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        Re: Help wanted

        speed doesn't seem to make any differance and yes, theflash did fire


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          Re: Help wanted

          please advise the following - or better still post an exif complete image

          flash mode - eg auto, ttl auto, manual etc. we know (assume) it was in compulsory
          camera mode - PASM
          aperture and shutter speeds

          in the absence of an image describe the shot.

          I suspect there is a difference between the above settings on the 510 and the might wish to check that too
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            Re: Help wanted

            Check your aperture setting. If you are stopped down, to say f/22, and are using a relatively fast shutter speed then the background will be black. If the flash to subject distance is large(ish) then your "fill-in" flash may not have the power to illuminate your subject.

            This, by the way, is a great way to get night looking shots in broad daylight and your camera set up may be doing just this.

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