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In praise of Zuiko

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  • In praise of Zuiko

    I'm referring to Zuiko the forum member (John), not the branding on our lenses!

    I was just looking back on some of my posts in Foto Fair and realised that John always has a nice word to say about my photos, no matter how mundane they are. He does this for all of us from what I can see and it's a fantastic thing to do which must take time and, for some of us, perseverance.

    His posts in other areas of the forum are invariably informative and interesting, whether it be photography, politics or jokes (well, maybe not the jokes bit!). Whatever he posts, it's done with courtesy and a respectful humanity IMHO.

    Anyhow - not trying to brown-nose (especially since I've never met him!), but I wanted to push some praise his way. I'm a relative newbie around here so I hope this sort of post is acceptable!
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    Re: In praise of Zuiko

    I'll add that he's a lot more tolerant than l'd be if I was a moderator.
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      Re: In praise of Zuiko

      I would take great Delight in seconding your thoughts and agreeing with your views on our John. Ed

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        Re: In praise of Zuiko

        Originally posted by David M View Post
        I'll add that he's a lot more tolerant than l'd be if I was a moderator.
        I 'second' that David

        Kind regards, Simon
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          Re: In praise of Zuiko

          Well, thanks Paul, but now I'm blushing!

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            Re: In praise of Zuiko

            Very well deserved comments
            The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.


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              Re: In praise of Zuiko

              Well I have to second that motion, Paul. Over the years that I've known him as a fellow forumer I have always found him just as you say. Often I've called upon him to change a thread title or ask his advice on some matter. He is highly intelligent, articulate, witty, helpful and compassionate, especially with regard to a bicycle fall I had a few months ago. He would make a very good counselor - now if you are listening John, can you offer me any advice as to how I can regain my mojo and declining libido, mate?
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                Re: In praise of Zuiko

                As someone who has had the pleasure of conversing with the virtual Zuiko and the real John at a couple of forum events I couldn't agree more with this thread. I think there will be a few more well deserved blushes John before the thread ends. So don't you dare close it before we've all finished Or at least make sure you get a few good plugs in for your excellent book "The Light Fantastic" before you do , I think it's brilliant.


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                  Re: In praise of Zuiko

                  Having had the pleasure of meeting with John, I can confirm he is an inspiration to us all and a true gentleman. And his book is likewise.

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                    Re: In praise of Zuiko

                    Agreed with you all, a good chap, online and in the flesh!


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                      Re: In praise of Zuiko

                      I agree with all the comments so far, well done John, keep up the good work and all the best for 2016

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                        Re: In praise of Zuiko

                        Me too, all the best to you, John.

                        Other John


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                          Re: In praise of Zuiko

                          As many will know John and I live in the same area and have been known to meet up from time to time (sadly these days less often).

                          I will always be greatful that membership of the E- group enabled me to make his acquaintance and to now count him as a personal friend.

                          Paul's sentiments and those in the subsequent posts reflect my own and I thank Paul for providing everyone with the opportunity to voice their appreciation of all that John does for us and the way in which he does it.


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                            Re: In praise of Zuiko

                            I'll add my dob of blusher on John's check too, a top virtual bloke who is happy to spread the love and his considerable expertise FOC. Long may it continue.
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                              Re: In praise of Zuiko

                              Me too. Thank you John for all you do for this forum.
                              You steer a steady course.