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Sad news from me - An Update

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    Re: Sad news from me - An Update

    Talking of JRs there is a super one in the film "Danish Girl".
    This space for rent


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      Re: Sad news from me - An Update

      I do like Jack Russells, but my memories of them are slightly odd.
      Many years ago I was an avid caver, and our club's annual dinner was in the Brass Cat in Settle.

      We had an arrangement, where for 50p, you could bring a sleeping bag and kip on the floor.
      Both he and the police seemed to think that qualified us as residents, and thus exempt from the official licencing hours.

      The landlord being something of a character would loudly announce. "Ladies and gentlemen, the bar will remain open as long as you keep me amused, and by now you should know what amuses me and what does not"
      We normally kept him or his staff entertained until at least 4.30am, often later.

      Back to the Jack Russells, said landlord would appear at 8.30 am with a small pack of them, and a long hunting horn, to rouse us from our slumbers so he could serve breakfast in the dining room.

      I've seen more of Jack Russells from eye to eye view than from a more normal perspective.

      On one memorable occasion, whilst we were tucking in to a fryup, the landlord mentioned that he'd found one of our members asleep in the kitchen, rather than the dining room or bar.

      Apparently he had been awoken *** from his slumbers, and then announced "Ah the kitchen, yes the kitchen"
      He then got back in his sleeping bag and started snoring again

      I offered to fetch him back, but was told all was now sorted.

      "Don't worry, he seemed comfortable, so we're cooking round him"
      Best Regards

      The nearest I have to a home page.
      They're Watching You!


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        Re: Sad news from me - An Update

        Most of us chaps still like a pretty lady and Mistletoe certainly fits the bill.

        So pleased to read your good news Stephen.


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          Re: Sad news from me - An Update

          Looks like she got used to posing pretty quickly. Great news Stephen.


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            Re: Sad news from me - An Update

            Good news Stephen. Did you give her a screen test before adopting her?