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Sad news from me - An Update

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    Re: Sad news from me

    Lovely shots and lovely memories Stephen. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Hope you all have a happy Christmas and find your new companion soon.


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      Re: Sad news from me

      Sorry to read this Stephen. I have a JR, they're brilliant dogs who have so much character.
      You have done what any responsible dog owner would do, release your friend from his pain, it's a correct decision.
      As photography lovers we are fortunate that we have lots of photos of our four legged friends and I'm sure you will one day enjoy looking through them
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        Re: Sad news from me

        The same thing happened to our cat, it's a tough thing to have to do.

        May I too offer my sympathy for your loss.

        We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...


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          Re: Sad news from me

          I love that last shot Stephen - a great memory to cherish. Have a good Christmas in spite of the sad circumstances.
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            Re: Sad news from me

            Hi Stephen (+ Ro) -

            I loved Dibnah especially as I only met her the one time at the big Hoose. I think it was the way she knew which room the ghosties were in.

            I know Anne has written to you both but I needed to be part of this now.

            Kindest regards. Barr1e
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              Re: Sad news from me

              Sorry to hear this sad news Stephen.
              Regards Huw

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                Re: Sad news from me

                I'm she was as happy to find you as you were to find her. Hopefully you will find and treasure another little friend and form many more happy memories to add to those you already have.
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                  Re: Sad news from me

                  I am thinking of you too Stephen. All pet lovers know how heart wrenching it is to lose a friend. You had wonderful moments together and wonderful memories to keep. Find another friend soon.


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                    Re: Sad news from me

                    Have missed both of you on here Stephen despite never having met you in the real world. So sorry to hear of your loss.
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                      Re: Sad news from me

                      Very Very sorry to hear about your sad loss Stephen I can only imagine how you and your Family are feeling - we lost one of our Cat's (Luka) who we rescued along with his brother (Lennie) last December after 15 happy years and not a day goes past that we don't miss him.

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                        Re: Sad news from me

                        I have met Dibnah on a few occasions - sorry t hear your news, Stephen.

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                          Re: Sad news from me

                          I am really sorry to hear that Stephen.

                          We lost our Paddy a few weeks back in a similiar way too at 16.

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                            Re: Sad news from me

                            All those of us who have had pets know how you will be feeling at the moment Stephen, but the happy memories will live on.
                            I hope your new friend finds you soon.


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                              Re: Sad news from me

                              Thanks everyone. We are already searching the Jack Russell rescue centres and have identified a couple of potential candidates.

                              Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all my friends. They are friendly enough on the F**i forum, but not a patch on you lot!

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                                Re: Sad news from me

                                Sorry to hear the sad news Stephen. I hope you find another good friend when the time is right.