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    and any others interested in off road travels

    Hit the road Jack...

    BBC News Item
    It's not what inspires us that is important, it's where the journey takes us.

    Wally and his Collie with our Oly bits & bobs

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    Re: 1 4 Shenstone...


    Another good description of that panamerican trip, on a bicycle this time, comes from Alastair Humphreys, done as part of his round-the-world-cycle trip.

    He did it the hard way, covering the length of all the continents. Both his books are strongly recommended for any armchair traveller and cyclist: "Moods of Future Joys" and "Thunder and Sunshine".

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      Re: 1 4 Shenstone...

      Thanks Wally great story, nearly inspired me to get my series 2a running again instead of rusting!
      Stuff from Cuba
      More stuff from Cuba
      It all started here


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        Re: 1 4 Shenstone...

        Thanks Wally, great story.


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          Re: 1 4 Shenstone...

          Thanks Wally

          this story has been on the LR forums for a few days so I had spotted it, but thanks for looking out for me

          there is a quote on that story that's not right

          The Darien Gap - an area of mountains and jungle between Panama and Colombia - is the only section that cannot be driven through
          in fact even the BBC say in a linked story

          It was only in 1960 that anyone managed to cross the Darien Gap by car - in a Land Rover dubbed The Affectionate Cockroach and a Jeep. It took nearly five months, averaging just 200m per hour
          I call that Jeep / Land Rover - honours even (sort of like Mac/PC or Oly/Canon)

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