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Is an attempt to transfer Oly warranty fraud?

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  • Is an attempt to transfer Oly warranty fraud?

    There have been a couple of threads on Oly's 2 year warranty in 2009 and 2010 and it seems clear that the warranty is NOT transferrable, even as a gift.

    But are you actually committing the offence of fraud if you try and claim, or can Oly just refuse to honour the warranty?

    My thinking is that if you're nice and honest and let Oly know that the warranty has been transferred then they won't do the repair. If you try and claim you're the purchaser then you are trying to obtain services by deception and you are committing fraud.

    Personally I think Oly are being a bit parsimonious with this and it's a real bummer when trading fairly new gear.

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    Re: Is an attempt to transfer Oly warranty fraud?

    Services by deception no longer exists (the new fraud act has replaced it)

    Section 2 seems to fit the bill, fraud by false representation

    Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 sets out the framework of the classic fraud offence. The offence usually consists of some sort of dishonest statement made to gain something or so that someone else makes a loss. This offence is one that will often apply to an offence committed in business. The four necessary elements that must be proved in order to result in a conviction are:

    A representation must be made
    The representation must be known to be false
    The representation must be dishonestly made
    The person making the representation must intend to gain something, or intend that the person receiving it loses something
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      Re: Is an attempt to transfer Oly warranty fraud?

      Hmmmm, I suppose the only way around this is if a claim needs to be made get the original purchaser to make the claim. It seems a bit mean and petty of Olympus if this is their policy.

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