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E3, Print Size, Some Things People Say And Feeling Smug

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  • E3, Print Size, Some Things People Say And Feeling Smug

    The above image is one that I am going to use in a End Of Year Presentation at college. (I have straighten it up )

    Taken on the E3 + 50-200SWD. ESP metering, all the focus points on and Gradation set to AUTO. Wortniak recommends this to be set at NORMAL, which works ok but I find that with it set to AUTO it actually has more 'dynamic range' and handles tricky lighting situations better. Personal choice. The only other thing I have is a B&W KR1.5 warm up filter on the front. Still use on film and all my cameras.

    It was shot in RAW and I think the ISO setting was 160 maybe 250? . Other than straighting and slight crop that is how has been printed. No other PS work has been done.

    It has been printed out at A2 size (four times A4) on an Epson 3800 printer.

    Now I have seen written around the place that the 4/3rd sensor will not be able to print quaility big prints, because of it small sensor. My mate was also of the same opinion (he has 20+ years phot experience and used to work as a Ciba Chrome printer). However after seeing the finished print he went "WOW!!, that is sharp and crisp",no noise or grain can be seen, even if you go in close on the print. I could see his little argument starting to fall. Ok so it will not match poster prints that the full frame machines will do, but I think that A3 is the biggest nearly 90% of people on here will print. And I have to say the Oly will match and I think possibly out perform any other camera manufacturer currently in the market place.

    To me the Oly machines produce the nicest/natural colours (do they use Kodak chips?) out there. I find Pentax very flat and the Nikons just look cold (one reason why I did not get a D200 or D300).

    Well thought I would share this for no other reason than I feel really smug

    Oh as a side note, I have two images from my Oly E-20P (5Mb machine ) also blown up to A2 size, camera set to default, Program mode again shot in RAW but with very little USM added in PS (like 10%) and again brillant, sharp ace colours.At college they thought they were taken on a 12Mb machine and were very suprised to find it was not.
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    Re: E3, Print Size, Some Things People Say And Feeling Smug

    Super stuff... glad your A2 print worked well. Have to disagree with you on one point though; I have had several poster prints done... massive things... all using either the E-3 or the E-510, and they are all superb. You just cannot see any granularity at all...

    So... to reassure everyone here... you CAN print poster prints 100% successfully using your E-510 or E-3.



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      Re: E3, Print Size, Some Things People Say And Feeling Smug

      I have just printed four images at A2, and some larger images.

      Two of the A2 images were from a 5 mega pixel camera, and yet the prints are still ok. A good images, well taken is still a good image. It should not matter what was used, only the result.

      BTW, I do like your image.