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  • SOLVED Its back from Portugal!!

    My E30 was giving me what I though were soft shots and the card eject button stopped working, as the two year warranty is up in August I sent it away to Olympus by RMSD on the 4th July for checking and a service. This morning 18th July DHL returned my camera body to me. The card eject is sorted and the repair sheet reads
    Electronic fault : Mainboard : Repaired
    Lens fault : Auto-focus: Repaired ( ? I did not send a lens on their advice)

    All seems in order the few shots I have taken do seem back to normal and I can now get out with the camera again.

    Fourteen days for repair and turn round seems very good as I was starting to suffer withdrawl pangs. All lens cleaned (twice,using Calocoat spray and Calocloth microfibre from opticians), bags sorted and repacked, filters sorted and tripod cleaned and oiled. Boy do you miss a camera!
    Thanks Olympus great service.

    Live life in the slow lane.