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Amature/Ham Radio - FAO Barr1e?

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  • Amature/Ham Radio - FAO Barr1e?

    Hi Barr1e,

    Was hoping you could help me with some Ham radio questions?

    I bought a scanner a few months back to listen to ATC, however I have found I can listen to Amatures via the local repeater GB3CS. I've now been listening (scanning) for a week weeks and I've really gotten a taste for it and would like a rig in my car for too and from work QSO (I'm even getting the lingo ) However I have a few questions.

    I remember I used to be in the radio club at school and my teacher was an amature and we used to talk all over the world via repeaters however we had to log all QSO. Is that still a requirement when I'm mobile?

    Is there any resource where I can learn my foundation ticket from home and not join a club? The reason being I am pushed for time and as much as I would like to I really don't have time to go to a club, however I am more than happy to pay subs to help with running costs of repeaters etc.

    Finally, repeaters make my head hurt. I'm not sure if this is possible but I'll explain what I'd like to do. Is there anyway I can connect to the above repeater, then "bounce" to another repeater say the one at Scotch corner and "bounce" further down south via several repeaters (does that make sense), I think you use tone bursts or something

    I was thinking about getting this unit once I had my callsign issued.

    What would be a good discreet aerial I could use on my car (I have an astra coupe so would like small as possible but with good performance).

    Sorry for all the questions, If you ever in Scotland or I'm down south I'll buy the beers


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    Re: Amature/Ham Radio - FAO Barr1e?

    Hi -

    I have a busy schedule here at the moment - although I allow myself a few minutes on here and 4/3rds-com every other hour or so. This is as addictive as radio lol.

    A quick reply though in case you get the urge to buy a radio - the rig shown is only for local stuff except when a lift is on - that's when the tv gives a fuzzy picture and the tv station apologises for the poor reception. Then you will only work the very near continent.

    I'll pm you when I draw up some details.

    Regards. Barr1e
    Just like that - gone in a flash! Now in use.


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      Re: Amature/Ham Radio - FAO Barr1e?

      Hi Barr1e,

      No worries, thank you for replying. I look forward to your PM.