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Reminder of the rules for using the For Sale section

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  • For sale Reminder of the rules for using the For Sale section

    I'd like to remind everyone of this post from Ian, originally made in February 2014:-

    I just wanted to inform everyone that after some discussion among the mods in response to some private and public feedback from members we will shortly be revising the forum rules in order to refocus the forum on what it was intended for; involved activity including discussion and image sharing and helping and informing each other. Unfortunately, our membership has attracted people who are only interested in doing business via the classified ads section here.

    The rule changes are aimed at preventing members from using the forum primarily for trading (buying/selling or swaps). We also want to deal with the problem of members finding that something they sold recently being re-sold here on the forum for a profit.

    The For Sale and Wanted section of our forum will continue to be a valuable and useful resource for members, but we want to make it clear that if you are almost exclusively using our site for trading, you will no longer be welcome here.


    Unfortunately we still have members who appear to have joined only to use the For Sale or Wanted section of the forum. We do expect members who use this section to show an interest and become involved with the various discussions about photography, commenting on other members' pictures and maybe even posting some pictures of their own.

    Unfortunately it is not always easy to ensure compliance; a new member joins, posts a few adverts for unwanted gear, then continues doing so without ever participating in other sections and before we realize he or she has offered dozens of items for sale with no other input.

    I appreciate that some people have a habit of purchasing different cameras and lenses to try, then resell them to fund the purchase of yet more without ever intending to become traders. But surely these members have a great opportunity to participate in other sections of the forum, sharing their opinions of the gear they test and posting pictures that they take in the course of this?

    I'm sorry, but if the majority of your posts on the forum are about buying or selling, we will define you as a trader, even if you are not making a profit from your dealings. Also, we do not want links to items you are selling on ebay, our small ads service is intended to be exclusive to members of this site.

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