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Olympus Viewer 3 tutorial

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  • HELP! Olympus Viewer 3 tutorial

    I have tried to use the Olympus Viewer 3 and had a very pleasant surprise with the quality of RAW images converted to Jpeg - compared to programs like Lightroom and Capture One.

    But the interface and workflow is very complicated and not clear.

    Does anybody know a good tutorial or any other document or video that clears it?

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    Re: Olympus Viewer 3 tutorial

    These may help:

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      Re: Olympus Viewer 3 tutorial

      Thanks for posting those links as I have no editing software except for Olympus Viewer 3. Sounds like some people like Robin Wong do use it. Cheers.


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        Re: Olympus Viewer 3 tutorial

        I've only tried a handful of programs for RAW processing (including LR), but the quality of output from OV3 always looks miles better than anything else i've tried. The software is horribly clunky and slow, but the results you get from it are definitely worth the pain.

        My workflow (if you can call it that!) is pretty similar to Robin Wongs, although I never managed to find an old desktop version of Snapseed so I add finishing touches in other programs depending on what I want as a final result.
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