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    Has anyone heard of or used Q image software. If so pros and cons please
    E620, E30, OM4-Ti OM-D1... Canon 7D and 5Dmiii
    lenses 14-42mm, 40-150mm, 50mm, 18-180mm, 70-300mm, ec-14 still looking for a Bigma (Canon 17-55mm, 70-300mm and 100-400L)
    FL 50R and Hahnel remote (Canon and Olympus)

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    Re: Question

    G'day from Easter Ross in the 'old country' Roberta.

    I have not used QImage myself, but I have certainly heard of it, and have glowing feedback fromn very experienced friends who have done so.

    Here is one testimonial - in response to a question about what prgram to use for printing large from small files:

    "I suggest you seriously consider Qimage. I think it is just magic. I was helping a friend with a project which involved images gathered from the web. Most were just way too low [resolution] for his purposes, I tried up-sampling them with [Photoshop, Fred Miranda's SI Pro, and] by letting the printer driver do it. All were just awful. I downloaded the demo version of Qimage and was simply astounded at what it did, somehow creating bigger, much better looking prints than the other methods. I went ahead and bought it. You don't up-sample, then print the altered image, you just tell Qimage how big you want it to print the existing image and what printer you are using and let it do its thing. It is not as simple and intuitive as one might hope for, but that's pretty hard when something can do a lot. Nowhere near the learning curve of [Photoshop], though. and the defaults are good. For more info and a test image you can download and print on your own printer. "

    And here is another from a photographer who has his own gallery selling prints:
    "Qimage is wonderful for anything up to about 11x14. I noticed when I went to true 16x20 prints, Genuine Fractals was noticeably better than Qimage. That said, I use Qimage extensively to print smaller sizes. It's one pretty damn nice program, and worth every penny of the $80 or so it costs."

    Hope that helps - but you might have got better response with a more informative "Subject" - most threads here start off with a "Question"!.