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Sigma 1000 mm F:3.5 OM mount ?

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      Re: Sigma 1000 mm F:3.5 OM mount ?

      I took some photos at the Zoo yesterday using the Sigma handheld. It was extremely challenging and actually a joy !
      It was a nice challenge being forced to go manual and try to get the best out of this beast.
      Focussing is very hard due to F:13.5 Aperture and very shallow DOF, the kit is almost too light for efficent control handheld.
      All too often the subject moved out of frame before I could focus and shoot.
      The photo's are NOT intended for 'looking for perfection thread'. they are soft , neither very well composed or focussed and should not be viewed in more than 1024*768 pixels.
      I look forward to see what it can do a sunny day on a tripod, using Pen EP-1 with ISO 3200 etc. Will probably just be an interesting novelty for casual photohraphy rather than a serious tool.

      Settings: 1/1000 second shutter, ISO800 - 1600. Noise control High
      Distance to object is a very rough estimate.

      At approx 30 meters

      The next two is 50-70 meters

      Probably 15-18 meters

      Very large banner at more than 100 meters

      Bird portrait's at approx 7-8 meters