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12-40 Pro - noisy during AF?

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  • 12-40 Pro - noisy during AF?

    Hi. Has anyone heard of a 12-40 lens making a quite audible blowing, puffy, airy noise during autofocus? The sound goes away when in MF mode, and also seems to manifest on some bodies but not others. (When other lenses are used on the body in question the noise doesn't happen).

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    Re: 12-40 Pro - noisy during AF?

    No, used with EM-1 and MK II. I am a bit on the deaf side though!


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        Re: 12-40 Pro - noisy during AF?

        I’ve never experienced that with that lens, nor with any other lens using my EM-1 ii.

        If it’s still under warranty then contact Olympus. Even if the warranty has expired contact them anyway as if they’re aware of a manufacturing defect then they *might* have a “soft recall” in place (= free warranty extension for that problem, but not publicised).

        There are various weather seals internally and your sounds suggest a fault with one or more of them.
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          Re: 12-40 Pro - noisy during AF?

          I've had problems but not this one.
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            Re: 12-40 Pro - noisy during AF?

            Not noticed anything untoward on my 12-40 and I've got very sensitive hearing.


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              Re: 12-40 Pro - noisy during AF?

              Not with mine and never read about it before FWIW.