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Olympus 12-40 or Panasonic 12-35?

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  • Olympus 12-40 or Panasonic 12-35?

    Olympus 12-40 or Panasonic 12-35?

    A choice I have often pondered, got the former and now acquired the latter (newer Mkii version)
    I use Panasonic bodies so wondered how the 12-35 would perform utilising the dual is.

    Now having spent all afternoon messing about comparing photos from both lenses my conclusion is..........
    I'm none the wiser and my findings are as follows

    Olympus is better at the 12mm end especially wide open
    Panasonic wins at the tele end, no doubt helped by the enhanced stabilisation.
    Colour seems a bit richer from the 12-35, bit more contrast too.
    Slightly better fine detail from the Olympus, but it's hardly noticeable.

    Plan was to keep the best lens and trade in or sell the other one.
    Not sure what to do now, might keep the Panasonic and get a 12mm f1.4 for ultimate wide angle detail.
    Both are very good and no clear winner, hoped there would be.

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    Re: Olympus 12-40 or Panasonic 12-35?

    I am a huge fan of the 12-35mm, I bought it before the 12-40mm was launched. I have tried the latter and while undoubtably it is a very fine lens, I prefer the Panasonic. Light and very very good on my EM5 MK 1

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