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Printing-Nikkor 150mm Reversed

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  • Printing-Nikkor 150mm Reversed

    For macro, one of my setups uses two Olympus OM telescopic tubes. For this exercise I measured (hand-held so approximate) the FOV width with the tubes both fully extended and with both fully retracted. I did this for the lens mounted normally and with it reversed. The body was a full frame Sony Alpha A7R.

    Lens mounted normally: maximum extension FOV 24m, minimum extension FOV 38mm

    Lens mounted reversed: maximum extension FOV 25mm, minimum extension FOV 45mm.

    I could see no difference between the lens orientation, in the slight vignetting in the corners, being more for the higher magnification (longer extension) in each case.

    The normal values were with 7mm of additional extension which I was unable to detach for the reversed check.

    The lens seems +/- symmetrical and there is no significant advantage in reversing it.

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