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Teleconverts again

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    Re: Teleconverts again

    Wow, many thanks for replies and wisdom.

    I think I am expecting too much from the idea of telephoto shooting. Getting nearer to the subject is as good as idea as any.

    Having been a land surveyor for most of my life (now retired) I should know that when looking through powerful scopes, the atmosphere humidity is also magnified, thus powerful scopes are not always a winner.

    Despite what I have just said I have just bought a 1:6.7 aperture mirror lens, 500mm and will enjoy playing with that, or not!!



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      Re: Teleconverts again

      Some of the best photos posted on this forum have been taken with the 50-200+EC14 on both FT and MFT bodies. See for example.

      I too found the 2x rather soft on the top pro lenses but the EC14 and MC14 seem fine on both pro and top pro lenses.

      EM1ii, EM10ii


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        Re: Teleconverts again

        I almost always use my 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lens with the TC and have no complaints about the quality even at 210mm focal length. I am sure adding the TC does degrade the resolution, but I still find it more than sharp enough for my needs. I have also never seen the colour fringing that some tests have found.

        I did have the 4/3 1.4x TC and never really liked it. I used it with both versions of the 50-200mm lens but was generally disappointed with the results. This was probably down to my lack of technique with the extra focal length as much as any inherent optical deficiencies.



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          Re: Teleconverts again

          Originally posted by blu-by-u View Post
          For the cattle class, there is that digital X2 already built into your camera.
          Blu - Which Body are you referring to? Also don't think many took you up on the resulting quality issues.
          Pentax has had a fantastic TC for ever and it's compatible for all its stuff. Guess Oly is just trying to trade us up to bigger glass. Shame.
          Happy New Year