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  • HELP! 14-54mm

    Hi all

    The focus has gone from my 14-54mm zuiko, I have not dropped it or anything it just simply no longer focus .mthe manual focus ring turns but nothing

    I would assume that the lens needs to go for repair or can this be done by lessor mortals?

    Any one have any ideas?

    Best wishes

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    Re: 14-54mm

    Hard to say from what you are writing...

    "The manual focus ring turns but nothing..." Do you mean the focus is stuck? Please clarify.
    Other quick checks to rule out faulty camera or connection
    Does the camera AF work with other lenses?
    Does the aperture control still work/does the viewfinder display expected information e.g. aperture and focal length?
    Gently clean and inspect the contacts...

    If the lens AF motor is broken then it may be cheaper to buy a replacement used lens (14-54 or 12-60SWD) than having it repaired. For instance:

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