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4/3 kit lenses vs m4/3 kit lenses

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  • 4/3 kit lenses vs m4/3 kit lenses

    I have been thinking of picking up an E-PM1 to take as a hiking camera. I think it'd work much better than the 4/3 line for that purpose.

    However, everybody seems to be slamming the m4/3 kit lenses. I would start collecting primes, but I don't know how well would primes work in a travel setting. There are a lot of situation when you are out traveling you just can't "zoom with your feet".

    I found 4/3 kit lenses great for travel, and just pretty darn good overall. IMO, if you take a picture @ f/5.6 you'd be hard pressed to find a difference between the 14-42 and the 12-60.

    So are the m4/3 kit lenses same as the 4/3 ones, or are they much worse and I should just forget about it and look into primes instead, or wait until the 12-35/35-100 goes down in price?
    E-M1 mk II
    12mm f/2 | 17mm f/1.2 | 17mm f/1.8 | 25mm f1.8 | 45mm f1.8 | 9-18mm | 14-150mm