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Fading display on E-620

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    Re: Fading display on E-620

    Originally posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
    Yes, however I'm going to hazard another guess. Maybe the cold is the culprit with the wires cracking at -10 degrees.
    I'd agree with that. The camera manual states;

    Operating environment 0 degrees C - 40degrees C.

    Hope you can get both fixed.


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      Re: Fading display on E-620

      Hi all

      Here is the latest on this subject. (Apologies for bothering you with these issues but I think the topic could be of interest for others, owners of E600/E620).

      Today I picked up the broken E600 (the one where the display stopped working). My intention was to collect the CF card I had left in the slot.

      I started by turning power on, just to check, display still remains black as anticipated. Next I accidentally open the card slot without turning power off and the display shows the warning message about CF card slot open! So I close the slot, press the menu button and now the menus are displayed on the display! And also I can playback photos stored on the CF card!

      I turn power off and on. Display is still working, at least for minutes.

      One feature is still not working though (maybe I am wrong on this). When turning the camera on, should'nt the display show the control panel automatically? Or is this a user defined setting?

      Anyway, this is a total mystery. Has the camera self-healed?

      I will have to try on the E620 as well and see what the result is. (camera on loan, will get it back later today).


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