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    Originally posted by Jim Ford View Post
    IIRC the E510 is like the E500 I had inasmuch as it doesn't have a 'proper' pentaprism, just an array of mirrors to achieve the same effect. My experience of the E500 viewfinder was that it was like looking through a dim, narrow tunnel and when I got my E3 the difference in viewfinder brightness was a revelation. My E500 also came with the kit 17.5-45mm lens, which I've seen mentioned was the worse 4/3rds lens Olympus made, so I think the if you get a better standard lens and (say) an E3 you will notice a huge difference in ease of use and image quality. Having said that, if you are going to change both the camera body and main lens, you're probably better off going straight to M43rds.

    I went E500 - E3 - E5 and now E-P5, and the E-P5 is a far nicer camera to use, though I miss the weatherproofing of the E3 and E5, but really nothing else.

    The E-P5 was my other thought, but the VF-4 is needed. Another very capable body that sometimes sells for peanuts on eBay.