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E510 WiFi SD card

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  • E510 WiFi SD card

    Sorry if I've not worded the heading correctly, I have won an E510 on ebay and am just wondering about transferring images to an iPad Air. A few friends have recommended a power filehub travel router but apart from them being nearly as expensive as the camera I doubt I would use all the many features a filehub has, so have been researching the Ez Share High Speed Wireless WIFI WlAN SD Card Class10 SDHC Adapter for DSLR, just wondered the best way around this as I am hardly using a desktop or laptop these days.


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    Re: E510 WiFi SD card

    Originally posted by Wildwood
    Your best option may be transfer the files over USB.
    I agree.

    Wireless cards are a 'faff'. I'ts just as quick to plug in a USB cable as it is to log onto the card from a PC. Transfer speeds are also slow with a WiFi Card - at least with the Transcend one I have.



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      Re: E510 WiFi SD card

      I've found a few female USB to lightning adapters for iPad Air so perhaps that's more the direction I should be heading?


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        Re: E510 WiFi SD card

        FWIW The later generation of Toshiba Flash Air SD WiFi cards are pretty good on iOS.
        They will allow you to connect "pass through" so you can transfer images to the phone/tablet then email/upload without switching WiFi connection - assuming you've set them up first. Quite slow though.
        They are also "on" when the camera is on without needing to lock/unlock the "special image".
        Once you've set the WiFi connection up on the iOS device then it will auto connect or at least allow you to select the connection in settings without re-entering everything.

        Never used a lightning to USB adapter - if the camera has a mass storage USB profile it should work but I've never tried it. Before I forked out for an Apple adapter I'd see if I can try it out in an Apple Store. Otherwise I'd take my usual potluck approach to a cheapie on eBay

        I wouldn't bother on a laptop of PC though - just use a card reader or USB cable as it's so much faster to actually move the data.