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HELP! Photos appear dark even though meter shows balanced exposure

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  • HELP! Photos appear dark even though meter shows balanced exposure

    Hi there,

    I have had my Olympus E-5 for almost two years now. I use a 12-60mm lens with it. Since last month, i have Realized a serious issue with it and I can not seem to find a solution online. On manual settings, if i attempt to take a picture and the light meter shows perfect exposure (point on the 0), the picture is coming out very under exposed. I have had this issue with almost every picture I take. Failing to find any solution online, I have been setting my very over exposed as per the light meter in order to get a decent photo in broad daylight. For instance, I get a clear imagine of my subject once I adjust the ISO, shutter and aperture to be almost 1 or 2 on the meter. This makes it even more difficult to shoot at night. Even if its not very dark outside, I am having to put the ISO at 1000 and shutter at 1/2 to get some visibility but it becomes too blur because of motion of course. Also, the monitor screen light tends to go dim every now and then. I thought this may be the reason I see dark images, but upon downloading to my laptop, the images are still under exposed. THUS, I was wondering if you someone could me what may be wrong with my camera. I am quite worried.
    PS: the software is updated and I have tried taking photos on auto settings and the picture is still dark.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: HELP! Photos appear dark even though meter shows balanced exposure

    Have you another lens you can try. I'm thinking you may have sticky aperture blade on the 12-60. It happened to me a few years ago.
    Also you can see if it's that problem by looking at the blades from the front.
    As few pushes of the DOF preview button may release it but it normally comes back again.

    Let us know how you get on.
    All the best

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