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Copy MyMode settings from one body to another.

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  • Copy MyMode settings from one body to another.

    I have two E-5 bodies, and I am finally (after two years!) setting up the MyModes to reflect the kind of shooting I have settled into. I intend to use three basic settings:

    1: tripod (portraiture and food photography) - IS off, Aperture priority, centre weighted, custom WB, anti shock, centre AF, remote flash, Fixed ISO 200

    2: landscape - IS 1, Programme mode, ESP+focus meter, auto WB, auto ISO, all points AF

    3: sports - IS2 , Shutter priority, centre weighted metering, C-af centre weighted, auto ISO, auto WB

    I will also be looking at the picture mode possibilities, and in each case programming the Fn button to quickly switch to one of the other MyModes

    Is there any way I can copy the settings from one body into the other? I'd like to know that the two are always the same.
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    Re: Copy MyMode settings from one body to another.

    Unfortunately I don't think anyone has worked out a way to do this. It's been suggested before that it would be useful to copy configurations to another location to enable them to be restored, but alas, no.

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