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Off to a good start....

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  • Off to a good start....

    So far I'm pretty impressed with the output from the e-450. Here's two shots taken during my first week with the camera. The first taken on my first outing with the 14-42 Kit lens, and the second is from my first outing with the 40-150mm kit lens. jpegs straight from camera no PP, all handheld.

    No prize winners here, but pleasing output all the same.

    Oly: E-5 ZD 9-18, 14-42, 14-54mkI, 40-150 mkII + I, 25: Sigma 30
    Sony/Minolta: A900/A700 plus lenses
    Canon: 5D/40D plus a few AF lenses - mainly use MF lenses (M42/Oly/Contax/Leica/Pentax/Tamron)

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    Re: Off to a good start....

    Good stuff!

    There's not much wrong with those kit lenses.

    The 40-150 even performs well on the EC14 teleconverter (giving you a 212mm lens). You do need quite a lot of light however.

    Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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