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    Re: new camera

    Enjoy it Trund

    Post a few pics and lets see what you have been up to
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      Re: new camera

      Welcome to the forum. That's a great camera to start with. Looking forward to seeing some images.


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        Re: new camera

        Welcome. Bargain there I would say

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          Re: new camera

          Hi and welcome. Sounds like a bargain! I used to work in Skem - first at Courtaulds (now demolished), later at Co-Op Bank.

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            Re: new camera

            A warm welcome.
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              thank you

              thank you all for the welcome


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                Re: new camera

                Welcome to the forum.

                Nice purchase.
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                  Re: new camera

                  Same here. Just picked up a used E-450 worth kit lens to have a party with and offer a better travel solution than my "other make " DSLR kit. Just discovered this forum today so will be loitering here now


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                    Re: new camera

                    Sounds like you got a good deal there!

                    Welcome and well done, looking forward to seeing your first images rom it soon.
                    Ian from the Cotswolds


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                      Re: new camera

                      just got my first Olympus E-PL1


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                        Re: new camera

                        G'day Trund. Hope you have lots of fun with the E450. I started on the E410 but had to (wanted to) buy the E520 when my son wouldn't stop using the E410 with his own settings.

                        BTW, ignore that vermin guy as he's a spammer pinching the photo from another forum, to use in a thread of that same title here.
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